Monday, December 27, 2010

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Man Made Global Warming/Climate Change
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The proponents of so called ‘man made’ global warming never cease to amaze.  December 2010 is on its way to being one of the coldest in many years and the outlook for the balance of the winter is more of the same.  Coldest days and weeks on record are occurring in Europe and North America.  Yet, several UN scientists and global warming alarmists predicted that 2010 would be one of the warmest years on record.

 The humorous part of all is that no matter what weather patterns occur; global warming/climate change alarmists claim that all of them point to catastrophic conditions caused by the devastating impact of industrialization and the human population on earth.  When Hurricane Katrina occurred as the result of an extremely active hurricane season in 2005, some climatologists claimed with great certainty that due to man made global warming calamitous hurricane activity would occur for years to come.  Those predictions, like many others have simply not proven correct.

With falsified weather records by UN climatologists deliberately altered to ‘fit’ a scientific hypothesis  designed to serve as the basis of a major transfer of wealth to less developed countries, the motivation for global warming hysteria has been unmasked.  The ‘carbon footprint’ myth has been successfully used by enterprising hucksters such as Al Gore to become obscenely wealthy promoting the need to purchase ‘carbon credits’.

Is the world experiencing global warming?  No one can say with certainty given the fact that highly specific and accurately recorded weather patterns and records have only been kept for over a hundred years.  This for a planet that is over four billion years old!  We know the earth has experienced short and long term periods of cooling and warming.  Many scientists believe that the real source of climate change relates to sun spot activity. 

No one has the real answers to the question of recent global weather patterns and what causes them.  One thing is for certain….creating all new a governmental entity to capitalize on a climate theory that remains highly controversial and tainted with unfounded theories and claims has nothing to do with climate change.  It’s all about wealth transfer from America to recipient’s countries blessed by the United Nations.

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December 2010